1. Germany in Transition: From an economy addicted to coal and nuclear energy, Germany is fast transforming into one driven by renewables. Its aim is to demonstrate to the world that growth and decarbonisation can go hand in hand. This articles aims to understand how it is doing so and what it will take to achieve this vision.

2. Free the air of mercury: Newly launched Minamata Convention weak on mercury released by thermal power plants, my opinion.

3. Poor show for renewable energy sector:  Budget outlay for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy reduced

4. How to avoid grid failure: Besides grid discipline, the power generation configuration in India needs to change to stabilize grids.

5. Ghost of climate change haunts Rio: Trust deficit between rich and poor nations, a legacy of failed climate negotiations, has led to paralysis of ambition.

6. The truth about solar mission: For the Government of India the first phase of the national solar mission has been a grand success. It not only managed to attract industry to invest in the generation of an energy considered costly, but also dramatically drove down the cost of producing this energy. In its celebration, little did the government realise that a major conglomerate had subverted rules to acquire a stake in the solar mission much larger than allowed legally.

7. Reform for reform’s sake: Without bottom-up rehauling National Environment Protection Agency will be more of the same.

8. What’s in your honey?: Without quality and safety controls, this gift of nature has been contaminated. CSE laboratory tests find high levels of antibiotics in well-known brands of honey sold in the market.

9. Pressure Point: A curtain raiser on the climate negotiations in Poznan.

10. Making India’s mining sector socially and environmentally viable: A government committee wants regime change to facilitate private investment in mining. What it is oblivious to is the need for more regulation to protect the environment and people displaced and impoverished.