challenge_newbalance Challenge of the New Balance: This book is based on the latest study of the six most energy/emissions-intensive sectors of India to determine India’s low carbon growth options.


iron-and-steel_3Into the Furnace: This book is on the environment status of the Indian Steel Sector – 21 top Indian steel companies from the Private as well as the Public Sector.


mileage_cover_1Mileage: Environmental Rating of Indian Automobile Sector: In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector.


allabout_paperAll About Paper: Green Rating of Pulp and Paper: A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis approach for assessing the environmental performance of pulp and paper industry in various phases of the life cycle.


concrete_factsConcrete Facts: The Life Cycle of the Indian Cement Industry: This is a compilation of facts on the Indian Cement Industry. It assesses its environmental, economic & social aspects.


chlorine_coverEnvironmental Rating of Indian Caustic-Chlorine Sector: An exhaustive life cycle analysis of players in the Indian caustic chlorine sector and its impact on environment. Deals extensively with the alarming issue of mercury pollution, its deadly effects.


SOE-6Mining-Book--1Rich Lands, Poor People – Is Sustainable Mining Possible?: This book is an attempt to document the complexities of mining. While it’s true mining is essential, it’s not a simple ‘dig and sell’ proposition for a country like India.


food-toxinFood as Toxin: “All substances are poisons; the right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.” Modern food regulation is about determining what is that right dose in our daily diet.


facing-the-sunFacing the Sun: Grid-connected solar power is a new and rapidly growing sector in India, but there is hardly any independent research on how grid-connected projects are being implemented. That’s why the book.


going-remoteGoing Remote: India suffers from chronic energy poverty. Even after 65 years of independence, one-third of India’s households have no access to grid power. More than a million households go dark after sunset. What is the ground reality?

RE State of Renewable Energy in India: This report looks at the current status of renewable energy in the country, as well as the issues that plague the sector. It also puts together the policy interventions in solar, wind, small hydro, biomass and waste-to-energy sectors.

Capitan AmericaCapitan America: US Climate Goals – A Reckoning: Knowing that the threat of climate change is real and urgent, we take a close and careful look at the US government’s action plan on climate change. The sad fact is that the inconvenient truth is not that climate change is happening, but that what we are doing is too little and too late.