• Chandra Bhushan

The ‘historic’ Paris agreement

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

The world has given its assent to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Countries used words such as ‘strong’ ‘durable’, ‘dynamic’ to describe the agreement. India hailed the adoption as a “historic day” which promised a “better future” and created a “chapter of hope” in the lives of 7 billion people, also claiming the agreement as an “important achievement” for India.

In this euphoric moment, I find myself in a very difficult position. I was in Paris, too. What I saw was wheeling-dealing and horse-trading. I have read the fine print of this deal. And I find it extremely difficult to express the same sentiments as the majority.

Paris is a ‘historic’ agreement. No doubt. For the first time, all countries have taken on mitigation targets—earlier, that was the main responsibility of developed countries. But the Paris agreement is also ‘historic’ for something else people are finding inconvenient to talk about

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